Great Novels About Business: How Much Do You Know?

If you think of “business literature” as an oxymoron, or a term best used to describe sales brochures and offering statements, you’re missing out on a lot of terrific books. Fiction is replete with morally complex stories that shed light on leadership, work and life in ways that management texts can’t hope to emulate. Test your knowledge of this literature—or perhaps just learn more about it—by taking the following quiz. Mr. Akst writes a monthly column about literature and business for strateg

Can You Buy Creativity in the Gig Economy?

Writers may lament the uncertainties of the digital age, as many turn to online markets to distribute their work with no promises of fame or fortune. But when authors are guaranteed a cut of their own book sales, they tend to work harder and get more creative, according to a study of the Chinese e-book market. New regulations have shaken up the e-book landscape in China, intensifying competition and prompting writers to work harder, according to research by Harvard Business School Professor Fen

How Net Revenue Management Boosts the Top and Bottom Line

First of all, companies need to set their overall NRM strategy for every category and location. Very few companies have a well-articulated view of the strategic pricing opportunity in their categories and markets. As a result, many lack a clear direction for revenue management. In some category-market combinations, volume gain is critical; in others, revenue realization or improvement in margins is essential for driving value creation. In order to set the strategic stance toward brand portfolios

Learning from the Future

How can we formulate strategy face of uncertainty? That’s the fundamental question leaders must ask as they prepare for the future. And in the midst of a global pandemic, answering it has never felt more urgent. Even before the Covid-19 crisis, rapid technological change, growing economic interdependence, and mounting political instability had conspired to make the future increasingly murky. Uncertainty was so all-encompassing that to fully capture the dimensions of the problem, researchers ha